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Solfeggio Mixer Freeware

This standalone application (no installation needed) allows you to generate the purest of frequencies using your PC. Volume sliders are available for the six sacred Solfeggio frequencies as well as many more variants of the Solfeggio scale:

UT 396 Hz Liberating Guilt and Fear
RE 417 Hz Undoing Situations and Facilitating Change
MI 528 Hz Transformation and Miracles (DNA Repair)
FA 639 Hz Connecting/Relationships
SOL 741 Hz Awakening Intuition
LA 852 Hz Returning to Spiritual Order

Very pure frequencies:
Double precision sinusoids are generated realtime so frequency purity will be as high as your hardware is capable of. The use of high quality headphones or speakers is recommended.

Play with your computer keyboard:
Use keys 'A' ... 'L' to play any of the 9 tones in your chosen Solfeggio scale. The keyboard is 5 note polyphonic.

Fibonacci Arpeggiator:
Tick the tones that you wish to be included in the sequence and turn up the Fibonacci Arp Level. The ticked tones will be played in a pseudorandom sequence based on the Fibonacci sequence.

Digital Delay Line:
A digital delay is included to give your sounds added depth, turn up the feedback level to make some crazy ambient sounds.

White Noise:
Optional white noise (spectrally flat) is available for added ambience.

Custom Tones:
you can enter any Hz value and your PC will generate those tones. You can create your own scales and see how they play.

This freeware tool is great for experimenting with Cymatics or any other sonic experimentation. Enjoy...

Download Details:

uploaded by:
Fraser Ashworth
(Ledset developer)

File Version:
V1.03 27th June 2011

Solfeggio Download (844kb)
No installation needed,
Standalone .exe file.


Screenshot of Solfeggio Mixer

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