Neural Network Charting Software

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This application is stereo in operation.

System requirements:

Min CPU speed: 200MHz
Program memory: ~3MB
Storage memory:~1MB

CPU types: StrongARM


Compatible wit PocketPC and PocketPC 2002...

What is PocketJam?

Ever wanted to have the creative potential of a techno music studio in the palm of your hand? Well now you can thanks to PocketJam, a tiny rack of virtual analog synthesizers, a sampler and effects for your Pocket PC. We welcome you to give the free download a test drive on your Pocket PC device.

PocketJam is the ultimate virtual instrument for your Pocket PC, when you purchase PocketJam it's like you're purchasing a new peice of musical hardware! Read a full review by PDACorps here. Checkout the DEMO MP3s to hear for yourself.


2 analog synthesizers with nice squidgy filters, variable note slide capability (portamento) and stereo output.
1 multi timbral, polyphonic, analog drum machine with a selection of ten individual drums. Each drum can be replaced with a custom WAV sample of your choice! The drum machine is also stereo.
3 digital delay units, each instrument has its own digital delay unit!
Pattern/Loop sequencer very similar to Rebirth.
Each tune when saved in the native .JAM format takes up just a few kilobytes, thanks to ZLIB compression technology.

Ability to export as .WAV file for conversion to MP3 or inclusion in a larger composition. You can use your PocketPC as a 'sonic sketch pad'.

Matrix Editors
Matrix editors for each instrument, allowing for quick and creative composition of melodies and rhythms.
All controls use hyper intuative tap'n'drag technology. Even the LED numbers as shown on the right can be set with a quick stylus gesture, the same goes for the knobs. Nice!
Quick and intuitive controls
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