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Steps to completely remove PocketCharts

Uninstall your old copy of PocketCharts, to uninstall follow these steps:
>Make sure that PocketCharts isn't running by using the menu item 'exit' within PocketCharts
>Tap your PocketPC 'Start' menu
>Tap 'Settings' menu item
>Tap 'System' Tab
>Tap 'Remove Programs'
>Select 'LEDSET PocketCharts'
>Tap 'Remove' button

Open your PocketPC File Explorer and navigate to the following folder:
My Device\Program Files\

Within the Program Files folder you will see a folder called PocketCharts. Tap and hold this folder until a menu pops up; select 'Delete' from the menu. Press Yes in the 'Confirm Folder Delete' Dialog.

That's it your old version of PocketCharts along with all previous chart data has now been removed from your PocketPC.

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