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Configuring ActiveSync for internet connectivity

This guide was written around ActiveSync version 3.7.1. You can download the latest version of ActiveSync directly from Microsoft using the handy link shown on the right.
Click now to goto  microsofts activesync 3.7 download area...
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ActiveSync 3.7

Step 1

After installing ActiveSync and establishing a connection with your PocketPC, denoted by the green arrow icon in the screenshot, you must configure ActiveSync for internet operation with your PocketPC.

Firstly click the options toolbutton, shown highlighted with a yellow circle on the right.

Press the 'Options' tool button...

Press the 'Rules' tab...

Step 2

Now you must navigate to the 'Rules' page by pressing the 'Rules' tab, shown highlighted in yellow on the left.

Step 3

You will now be presented with the 'Rules' page.

Here you must set the 'Connection' to be 'The Internet' by selecting it from the dropdown list shown here highlighted in yellow.

Make sure that the 'Connection' is set to 'The Internet'...

Screenshot of Google for PDA

Step 4

Now you may test your PocketPC to check for a proper internet connection.

Whilst mantaining an ActiveSync connection, open your 'Pocket Internet Explorer' on your PocketPC.

Make sure that the address bar is visible by tapping 'Address Bar' in the 'View' Menu.

Type the address into the address bar and tap the green go arrow icon.

You should now be taken to the PDA version of the Google search site.

Congratulations, your PocketPC is now online!

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