Neural Network Charting Software

Introducing Cortex7

Neural Network Stock Charting Software.

Cortex7 is a stock charting application with integrated neural networks capable of generating Buy/Sell signals for any instrument that you wish to analyse.


For Novice Traders

When trained the neural networks give you clear Buy/Sell signals for all charts in your workspace. Simply trade when told and you will see improved gains.

For Experienced Traders

Experienced traders can use Cortex7 to conduct technical chart analysis. The neural network will give you added confidence in your trade decisions. Combined with your own trading expertise you will see improved gains.

Cortex7 Neural Network Trading Example

Below is a screenshot of MSFT being analysed by a neural network in Cortex7. Buy signals are green triangles, Sell signals are red triangles.

Neural Network Trade Test

The info panel at the bottom left shows how the network is performing on data it has not seen before, an explanation of the neural network information panel follows:

The trading test uses a starting balance of $10,000 and assumes each trade costs $5. (these parameters are configurable)

Test Blinds: 50
The neural network has not seen the latest 50 data points (in this case daily close prices of MSFT) . This means the network is making buy/sell predictions for the last 50 data points. The test blinds parameter can be configured by the user.

27 Trades: 8.12%
The trained neural network is giving 27 buy and sell signals which are visible on the main chart as red and green triangles. If the trader had obeyed these signals a gain of 8.12% would have been realised over the 50 trading day period

Test Count: 113
The current trade test has been running for 113 epochs of neural network training. In 1 epoch the neural network is trained against all available history data. (in this case 8 years of historic daily data).

Avg. Gain ANN: 8.07% (24)
Over the 113 tests conducted this is the average gain for the Artificail Neural Network (ANN). It has shown an average gain of 8.07%. It has generated an average of 24 buy/sell signals.

Avg. Gain Rnd: -0.23% (25)
As well as testing the ANN the tradetest also tests a randomly generated trade signal. Over the 113 tests conducted this is the average gain for the randomly generated signal. It has shown an average gain of -0.23% ( a loss). It has generated an average of 25 buy/sell signals.

Training: OFF
This shows that training is currently turned off, when training is turned on, the network is trained one epoch at a time and generates new output and thus new buy/sell signals. The chart and info panel is updated realtime as training progresses. When fully trained the buy/sell signals remain fairly constant after each epoch.

Summary of tradetest on MSFT

  Gain over 50 trading days Equivalent Annual Gain
(250 trading days)
Random Trading

- 0.23%

- 1.14%

Trading with neural network

+ 8.07%

+ 47.4%


Slick charting application

As well as incorporating Neural Networks to generate trade signals Cortex7 is a freeware charting application that is a joy to use. The workspace allows you to add as many ticker symbols as you wish. Cortex7 is arranged in a very intuitive manner and can be picked up and used straight away.

Screenshot - Workspace of Cortex7:


Cortex7 has an integrated RSS news feed ticker. News items are recieved from various RSS sources (configurable by you). Simply click on a blue news title to browse the full article:

Screenshot - Integrated RSS news feed for all stocks in the workspace:


The chart engine in Cortex7 is very smooth and enables you to move around in time quickly. The vertical scrollbar adjusts the date zoom level, the horizontal scrollbar adjusts the date position. Click and drag on a chart to see details about prices and percentage gains or losses.

You can also propogate one charts range to all other charts, this makes comparisons much easier.

All the chart functions are also available through the PC cursor keys and the shift key so chart navigation can be a superfast and relaxing experience.

Screenshot - Charting engine:




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