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You are advised to download the most recent version from the table below.

Security Note:

Only install Cortex7 if at every step of the way the digital certificate reads "Fraser Ashworth".

By installing hacked/cracked versions you run the risk of bitcoin theft through wallet stealers etc.

Version Changelog

Beta 2.31

23rd Dec 2013

  • TEK Bots had code commented out resulting in zero budget trade.

Beta 2.30

23rd Dec 2013

  • Live autotrading now possible.
  • May still have some issues, start with 0.01 BTC.
  • Trade engine added, now executed trades appear in the main chart as red/green circles that can be clicked on to query.
  • The trade engine accepts trade signals from the trade bots and then acts upon that signal. That signal is filtered and compared against the live book price, if the signals chart price is within 2% of the book price then the trade is sent to MtGox to be executed.
  • SLG bot has now been integrated into the trade engine, the trade engine checks down the book once a second to perform its live SLG calculations based on last realised trade price.
  • TEK Bots now have user defined operating window.
  • Trade history now contains more information.

Beta 2.20

22nd Sep 2013

  • Fixed: Charts tabs now always change when panel tabs are changed and vice versa.
  • Fixed: Bug causing unresponsiveness and crashes, caused by multithread deadlock cascade.

Beta 2.19

17th Sep 2013

  • Fixed: MtGox stream now works again for websocket.
  • Fixed: TEK Bot budget was unable to be set nonzero in V2.18.
  • Added: option to display nowprice as horizontal line with labels on chart.
  • Changed: chart closedown is now more stable, still work to do on this issue.

Beta 2.18

11th Sep 2013

  • Added: Placed TEK Bot search function in its own thread, now faster without disturbing GUI.
  • Added: Price Channel TEK Bot.
  • Added: Full Stochastic TEK Bot.
  • Added: Option to open last used workspace on app startup.
  • Fixed: Shell integration, in win explorer doubleclick CX7 file to open.
  • Fixed: Multiple chart periods in one workspace had incorrect HTTP refresh period on some periods.
  • Fixed: Windows7 Taskbar now previews whole app window and app does not flicker when selected.
  • Changed: TEK Bot plot visualiser, user can now click to choose values.
  • Changed: Trade volume bar chart now always has zero origin.
  • Changed: All app icons are now blue.
  • Changed: Rendering changes will allow for printing and print preview to work in future.

Beta 2.17

27th Aug 2013

  • Fixed: V2.16 was not executing autotrades due to debug code being left in.
  • Fixed: Live trades were not always updating front datum in V2.16.
  • Fixed: Email was causing crash on some systems.
  • Lag meter now reads stream and falls back onto HTTP polling.
  • Stream connect attempt alternates between websocket and socketio for robustness.
  • HTTP trade database polling now ranges between 1 min and 10 mins depending on chart period.
  • Added 2 more TEK Bots: MACD and StopLossGain.
  • Added 2D and 1D solution space visualiser for TEK Bots.

Beta 2.16

17th Aug 2013

  • Fixed many small bugs.
  • Multicurrency order books now work.
  • Added "TEK Bot" with bollinger bot type.
  • Trade signals only get generated for "solid" datums.
  • May have fixed custom CXC color scheme operation.
  • Fixed: When first starting, chart data was getting a screwed up section between existing data and new data.
  • Removed candle period from tabtop titles in stream visualiser panel.
  • Stream visualiser now shows orders cancelled.
  • Stream visualiser now has nicer query information panel.
  • When you get info from the "Trade API" panel, the trade fee% gets stored in windows registry and used for all tradetest profit calculations.
  • Removed buy/sell button in trade log.
  • Added option to keep front datum displayed in chart.

Beta 2.15

30th Jul 2013

  • Derived trade signals in the output window can now start with a SELL, this makes the front datum stable even with small output windows.
  • MtGox get info: now handles MtGox screw up and still tells user if key/secret is ok.

Beta 2.14

24th Jul 2013

  • Autotrade functionality added.
  • Can now query live stream circles with just mouse-over action.
  • Volume bar chart always has zero origin.
  • Many other minor fixes and things.

Beta 2.13

8th July 2013

  • ANN controls moved into dockable panel, now per chart.
  • Many changes to ANN stuff.
  • User can specify how much history to train ANN with.
  • Added chart price range control, allows user to have more Y axis range.
  • Right hand Y axis option.
  • User can now click and drag on the stream visualiser to query it.
  • Registration key engine changed, need new key for this version.
  • Started trading panel.

Beta 2.12

12th Jun 2013

  • changed training signal derivation, now better ANN prediction.
  • fixed graphic over-rendering of overlay plots.
  • all GUI times now in local time.
  • added transparency to label boxes on chart.

Beta 2.11

22nd May 2013

  • improved graphics performance, noticable when chart fully zoomed out.
  • fixed ANN input smoothing, code was accidentaly commented out in V2.10.

Beta 2.10

19th May 2013

  • added new "TradeAlerts" menu: email, audio and fileout alerts for trading signals.
  • added many new chart periods for bitcoin.
  • chart now has option for left/right y-axis on/off.
  • lag meter now has maximum redline value of 600 seconds (10 mins).
  • lag meter scale sectors autoreduce by log2 to keep graphics looking OK.
  • lag meter will not report high lag if its over 10k secs.
  • reworked ANN training signal derivation, now higher profit (still not optimal).
  • added ANN context menu item "reset test AVG".
  • added ANN output signal parameter "threshold", this specifies min amplitude of ANN output signals before they are considered as trade signals.
  • fixed ANN output smoothing, now range goes down to 0==no smoothing.
  • fixed ANN input smoothing, now range goes down to 0==no smoothing.

Beta 2.09

14th May 2013

  • chart used to block display until first HTTP update received, now it shows as soon as loaded, and receives new live socket data ASAP, this can cappen before HTTP update.
  • minimum HTTP update period is now 5 mins regardless of chart period. Live stream input is still realtime.
  • removed autoload of last workspace, use recent file list instead.
  • trade data cache changed: now bundled trades with installer are read only, prog mantians 2 seperate BIN files, largest available is loaded.
  • bitcoin setup dialog now defaults to M10.
  • ANN smoothing no longer uses look ahead window for smoothing, now uses trailing exponential avg (user defined).

Beta 2.08

13th May 2013

  • ANN/GUIMenu interface now properly thread safe.
  • increased max test blinds to 5k.
  • added ANN context menu item "train for X epochs".
  • added ANN context menu item "shake weights by X percent".
  • best network now saved in CX7 file
  • added file outptut of logwindow to %LOCALAPPDATA% directory, only works in single instance, further instances just dont write yet.
  • removed a 200ms sleep found in the ANN management thread (woops), ANN training is now faster.
  • added vertical move handle to trendlines.
  • new trendline is now placed parallel to last placed trendline, regardless of chart zoom or scroll.
  • changed chart context menu, now has user drawn tools, and put ranges in submenu.

Beta 2.07

11th May 2013

  • Prevent older incompatible CX7 files from being opened.
  • Made trade history cache only be saved and backed up on app closedown and during long downloads every 2 mins.
  • Fixed chart time grids, were only correct on M1 setting.
  • When charts are first displayed they now show latest 100 datums.
  • Scrollbars initialised correctly on chart first show.

Beta 2.06

10th May 2013

  • Temporarily disabled order book, needs fixing to reduce MtGox server load and update correctly.
  • Added time-window and opacity sliders in stream visualiser (saved to registry).
  • Added auto backup of locally cached trade histories so system failure during file access of working copy will not result in data loss and keep MtGox happy.
  • Locally cached trade histories saved as raw BIN and now have full precision floats.
  • Locally cached trade histories are now VWAPed into 1 second resolution.
  • Chart context menu now has "Export all trades CSV" function, user chooses destination folder.
  • Chart context menu now has "Export OHLC trades CSV" function, user chooses destination folder.
  • Total overhaul of code structures to allow easy future integration of multiple exchanges and alt-coins, all common functionality placed in single baseclass, one trade-array in RAM now serves multiple chart threads.
  • Added M1, M10, H1, D1 chart period options for Bitcoin, more to be added.
  • Increased maximum number of "test blinds" to 2000.
  • Added audio alert sample for new buy/sell signals (when ANN voice is active).

Beta 2.05

1st May 2013

  • Added 10 second delay to reset.
  • Log window now clears itself after 100k lines (this limit should not be reached in daily operation).

Beta 2.04

30th Apr 2013

  • Doubleclicking CX7 file in explorer now opens up Cortex7 and shows that CX7. You may need to make the file association in explorer once.
  • Removed chart history option: now daily charts are 20years, hourly charts are 1 year, minute charts will be 7 days.
  • When trade history is downloaded from MtGox it gets saved as CSV to "C:\ProgramData\Cortex7", this file also gets appended every time Cortex7 starts.
  • When training ANN: the RND trades now have same average trade num as ANN trades. (these are bracketed numbers).
  • Added a realtime lag indicator panel with analogue/digital moving needle meter and user defined threshold alarm.
  • Added a realtime order depth list.
  • Default stop loss is now 5%, to accomodate Bitcoins volatility.
  • Added an optional startup tips window (only 1 tip in this release).
  • Moving average 1 & 2 both showed text value for 1 (fixed).

Beta 2.03

25th Apr 2013

  • The gausiann smoothing function of the neural network output signal became non-symetrical at the end of the chart, this is now fixed for better predictions.
  • During ANN iteration, the gausiann smoothed signal was being updated in the GUI incorrectly.

Beta 2.02

25th Apr 2013

  • Scrolling RSS ticker now removes and keeps symbols correctly.
  • Added smoothing adjustment to neural network output signal.
  • Added GUI adjustments to neural network training signal.
  • Added period adjustment to neural network training signal.
  • Made trendlines extend to infinity.
  • Made trendlines draggable using mousedrag.
  • Made GUI more responsive when training neural network.
  • Made GUI more responsive when adjusting technical indicators.
  • Added button to remove all GUI registry entries (reset GUI to default).
  • All panels are now removable for floating/docking.
  • When opening new CX7 a thread related to old CX7 continued.(Fixed)
  • Make voice stop reporting if 3 consecutive prices are same.
  • If ANN had X input nodes, it crashed when <X datums in history.(Fixed)
  • Chart context menu:Screenshot: "for forum" and "actual size" were swapped.(Fixed)

Beta 2.01

20th Apr 2013

  • Initial Bitcoin Beta Version.


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