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CAM Wizards Main Application Window

The main window of Cam Wizard.

The right hand buttons:

Record Video
Starts a quick movie shoot, click here for more info.

Shoot Photo
Press this anytime to quickly archive a JPEG snapshot of the current view.

Browse Videos
Allows you to browse your captured video folder and check for recent motion detection events, click here for more info.

Send Email
With just one click you can send a video email of the current camera view, use this on your laptop to send video emails to family and friends, no hassles of opening mail account and attaching videos, a really handy feature.

Setup Options
Allows you to set up the application, click here for more info.

Register Today
Takes you to the registration screen from where you can quicky complete online registration. Registering will give you the fully functional version of CAM Wizard with customer support. After registering this becomes a button that will allow you to adjust your cameras brightness and contrast settings.

System tray
Clicking this will make Cam Wizard dissapear into your system tray. When in the system tray you can double click the Cam Wizard icon to view the main window, or you can right click the icon for more options.

The left hand status icons:

Icon pulsates whenever motion is being detected. Clicking this icon will enable or disable motion detection. For more info about motion detection click here.

This icon allows you to enable or disable the audio alert feature. For more information about the audio alert click here.

Icon will pulsate whenever Cam Wizard is archiving footage to your hard disk. Clicking the icon will take you to the "Capture" setup screen, see here for more info.

Icon pulsates whenever Cam Wizard is sending out an EMail. Clicking the icon will take you to the EMail configuration screen, see here for more info.

Icon pulsates whenever uploading a file via FTP. Clicking the icon will take you to the FTP setup screen.

The hard disk management icon, click it to configure hard disk management.

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