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Uploaded and codesigned by:
Fraser Ashworth
(Ledset Developer)

Minimum System Requirements:
Windows XP or Vista or 7, 1GHz CPU, 1GB RAM, 50GB HD, Windows compatible WebCam or network cam. Sound input device.

If you're upgrading to this version from an older version then simply uninstall the old version and install this newer version. Registered users will not have to re-enter their unlock key, once registered, you can always download and unlock the latest and greatest version straight away!

CAM Wizard requires the following system files to be installed on your computer in order to operate:

DirectX 8 (or above)
Media Player 10 (or above)


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Compatible with Windows 7

CAM Wizard Release History:


Program Additions/Changes/Fixes

V11.00 2017
  • UWP version for windows10 in development.
  • Existing users will get free upgrade.
Available in 2017.
V10.15 16/SEP/11
  • Added windowshade mode to hide buttons and icons.
  • Fullscreen mode is persistent between instances.
  • Reduced minimum window size.
V10.14 12/AUG/11
  • User can now select any video encoder that they have installed on their PC.
  • Recorded movies are recorded at the cameras current resolution (not for WMV)
V10.13 25/JUN/11
  • Forgot codesign in V10.12
  • Removed diagnostic reporting
V10.12 25/JUN/11
  • Added watchdog: if the video driver stalls or the application locks for any reason
    the watchdog will quickly restart the application so security remains unhampered.
V10.11 24/JUN/11
  • Added coupon code for discounted price
  • Added diagnostic output for resource conflicts
V10.10 22/JUN/11
  • Enhanced multithread stability.
  • Added keyboard shortcuts:
  • Image snapshot (key 5)
  • Start Recording Video (key 6)
  • Stop Recording Video (key 7)
  • In Windows7 the icon in the notification area (system tray) remained in the area after application exit, issue now solved.
V10.09 15/JUN/11
  • Added codesigning to installer.
  • Fixed MJPG stream so that it is compatible with all ip cameras.
  • Added ability to open any file (not just MP3s) when motion is detected.
V10.08 03/JUN/11
  • When the networked IP camera was connected to a static JPEG stream,
    every frame received left a network file handle open, this resulted
    in a memory leak. This issue has now been resolved.
V10.07 03/JUN/11
  • Reduced red trial version watermark text to 3 lines.
  • Reduced size of green overlay text.
  • Video filter button now available on main window in unregistered version.
  • Fixed: pressing shoot quick email button caused crash on some systems.
V10.06 01/JUN/11
  • If no port is entered in ipsetup screen then no port is added to full URL
  • Changed applications button layout and button icons
  • Changed applications status bar and status icons
  • Added ability to maintain video aspect ratio
  • When port 0 is entered for IPcam, the port is not added to the URL
V10.05 25/MAY/11
  • Restructured video code, fixed staility issues.
  • Horizontal flipping now works for usbcamera as well as ipcamera.
  • Motion filtering now on by default.
  • Added port option to ip camera setup panel.
V10.04 23/MAY/11
  • Major update!
  • Now works with IP network cameras JPEG or MJPEG (ip cams).
  • Added test card when video source is activating.
V10.02 7/MAY/11
  • Small changes, greyed out network source in video setup. Will be activated in future release.
V10.01 01/MAY/11
  • Corrected mime types in email sender so mobile phones display jpegs correctly
  • Reduced font size from 8pt to 7pt in the scheduler timetable.
  • Added closedown watchdog.
  • Restructured video engine for accepting IPcams in the near future.
V9.08 6/NOV/10
  • Added passive mode option to FTP
V9.07 30/OCT/10
  • Major overhaul of the camera handling code, all USB cams should now be stable.
  • CPU usage further reduced.
  • Can now set camera resolution and video format, settings remembered on restart.
  • Minor GUI changes.
V9.05 28/OCT/10
  • Removed "tray icon" message on shutdown (accidentaly left in 9.04)
  • Small bugfix when opening setup.
V9.04 26/OCT/10
  • Improved efficiency, now uses less CPU time to execute at same speed.
  • System tray icon now dissapears in Vista and 7 when application exits.
  • Fixed a bug causing app to crash on some systems when entering setup screen.
V9.03 24/OCT/10
  • Fixed FTP bugs (introduced in 9.01).
  • Added extra logfile info for FTP transactions.
  • Changed timestamp format for filenames, colons and dots were causing problems in some email and FTP servers.
  • swapped position of FTP and DISK MANAGE icons in status panel.
  • Autostart now works correctly for all camera instances.
V9.02 14/OCT/10
  • In WinXP, Some cams or no cam present caused application hang on startup, now fixed.
  • Added OS version information to start of logfile.
V9.01 12/OCT/10
  • Many changes for full compatability with Vista and Win7.
  • New Email system, added SMTP authentication and encryption, works with users webmail account for example: GMail,Hotmail,YMail etc.
  • Maximum movie length extended to 24 hrs.
  • Motion detect region can now be seperate blocks anywhere in the frame, user paints blocks in setup screen.
  • CCTV mode: When recording continuously (using top button) movies split to max length as specified by user.
  • Changed icon status strip code to make it faster and more robust.
  • Changed storage paths for ini and log to %LOCALAPPDATA% in Vista and 7.
  • Changed default storage path for captured data to %USERPROFILE% in Vista and 7.
  • Fixed tooltip text for buttons in register screen.
  • Added French language option.
  • Fixed German language option.
  • Made overlay text 2x larger when cam resolution is higher than QVGA (320x240).
  • Fixed a bug that limited recorded video to 7mins 9secs on some systems.
  • Added "restore default" button to setup screen
  • When MP3 alarm was playing, setup button caused hang on some systems, now fixed.
V8.01 14/JUN/08
  • Made application always closedown, user no longer has to end process in task manager.
  • Stopped the about screen showing on program start as default.
  • Made default test card show in HTTP server when no cam present, the test cards were accidentaly removed in v8.00.
V8.00 05/JAN/08
  • Made compatible with Windows Vista .
  • Added audio out device selection. This only works for siren, the MP3 option uses the standard windows out device i.e. whatever windows media player uses.
  • HTTP Server now defaults to port 81.
  • Changed HTTP icon, now has "OK" in it when all systems are up.
  • Made video capture to disk upon motion be enabled as default.
  • Removed "unable to login to HTTP forwarding server" message popup.
  • Changed Spanish translation text, is now good Spanish.
  • Fixed a bug relating to crash during initialisation of DAC audio out devixes on certain systems.
V7.14 17/DEC/06
  • GUI Enhancement[1]: The top status screen has been made to look more blue and is now shiny.
  • GUI Enhancement[2]: Window now doesn't flicker when user is resizing by dragging corner with mouse.
  • GUI Enhancement[3]: Added a CPU monitoring thread that reports the applications current CPU useage in the dialogs bottom status bar.
  • Changed directshow code, now takes slightly less CPU time, especially noticable when application is minimised.
  • Fixed minor bug with regard to COM uninitialisation, used to cause freeze on application setup and/or shutdown on certain systems.
V7.13 02/NOV/06
  • Increased maximum movie length to 12 hours ( == 43200 seconds)
  • The motion detection filter was causing detection to be ignored on certain systems (even when it was disabled in the GUI), this has been remedied.
  • Previously, no video devices used to cause a crash upon pressing the setup button, this is fixed.
  • Now if no video devices are present then this is reflected in the status text display.
V7.12 11/JUN/06
  • Added motion detection "filter" option to remove noisy frame false detection events.
  • Made minimum capture length allowable in setup screen be zero seconds.
  • Added number display to the sensitivity slider for more accurate tweaking.
  • Now checks for bad memory allocation when creating pre-event video frame buffers.
  • Added German as a language option.
V7.11 15/MAY/06
  • BUGFIX: Timetable schedule became non persistent due to changes introduced in V7.10. This has now been fixed and the timetable now stays configured between application uses.
V7.10 09/MAY/06
  • MAJOR ENHANCEMENT: Changed WMV writer so that no pause happens in video recording upon motion detection, note: the first capture after application startup may still experience a minir delay, but all subsequent captures will have no delay.
  • Changed movie filenames so that only legal FTP characters are contained for Yahoo FTP accounts.
  • Added option to start CAM Wizard after Windows reboot, you need to set your computer to logon automatically without user interaction to make use of this feature. There is a button included to invoke the user account configuration window, within which you need to untick the first box.
  • Added option to restart the PC every 24hrs at a specific time, this is a good feature for a long term embedded system it limits loss of security to <24hrs should video drivers hang while you're on holiday.
V7.09 16/APR/06
  • Changed setup/installer to standard microsoft MSI installer file.
  • If the application was closed while minimised then upon opening it would appear as a slim bar, this issue is fixed.
  • The server now ignores the port mapping if UPNP is not present, (only external port num is used), If UPNP comes online or goes offline then the server restarts and sets ports up accordingly.
V7.08 12/APR/06
  • Added full UPNP control into the HTTP server. CAM Wizard now configures your router automatically. Greatly increases the chances of you hosting your own webcam from your desktop PC.
  • Added Pre-Event buffering AKA "Time Slide Technology", start recording BEFORE motion is detected.
  • Added pre-buffer code to microphone ADC for "Time Slide". Also changed ADC so devices can be changed without restarting APP.
  • "Time Slide" buffers are allocated dynamically so if you use a small number of pre-event frames you use only a little memory.
  • The main application window is now fully user sizeable, window size and position is remembered between application uses, also added a "snap to 1:1" window resize button.
  • Rewrote the millisecond timer to make it more accurate for better audio/video synching.
  • Added RAW AVI record option, does not use any compression on video or audio, for high quality CCTV applications where filesize is not an issue (not recommended for emailing or FTP).
  • Added time scheduling option, with intuitive click'n'drag GUI panel with 10 minute quanta.
  • Made number controls in the setup screens be editable, ie user can now type values in as well as use up/down arrows.
  • Fixed a missing spanish string in the HTTP setup screen.
  • Added new minibuttons: "Quickly Email A Video to any recipient", "Record video", "Size video window 1:1"
  • User can now select the gui mode, buttons on/off, status lozenge on/off.
  • Main app. window is now fully resizeable, the controls resize with it.
  • MAX cam resolution is now 800 x 600, you'll need a fast CPU for realtime WMV encoding at that resolution, but the options their if you want it.
  • Revised the HTTP server pages for the cam, now cleaner and faster.
  • Added HTTP port information into permanent URL, now when your permanent URL gets resolved, the port number is appended to the end like XX.XX.XX.XX:PP
V7.07 24/MAR/06
  • Changed setup screen to fit in VGA (640x480) resolution monitors.
  • Added full language string table capability for future multi-lingual support.
  • Added spanish language as an option. (more languages to come)
  • Fixed JPG always being enabled in email bug.
  • Added option to enable/disable the autoviewing of snapped jpeg stills.
  • Fixed small time format error in emailed messages.
  • Can now specify mutliple email recipients by seperating addresses with semicolon.
  • User can now specify port number to run HTTP server on.
  • Remixed the title music and added voice track.
V7.06 08/MAR/06
  • Added crossbar selector in cam setup screen.
  • Made all setup buttons be true WinXP style.
  • Added newline option in title for multiline titles. Simply type ">" character for a newline.
  • Added optional music to the about screen scrolling credits
V7.05 05/MAR/06
  • Added logfile mini button on right.
  • All resolutions up to 640x480 are now possible.
  • Removed "CWZD.COM" text from cam.
  • Reformatted timestamp to be rectangle in bottom right.
  • Changed motion detection visualiser to be green/red.
  • Reduced motion detection CPU useage considerably.
V7.04 10/FEB/06
  • Fixed small bug in DirectShow core that caused some drivers to crash out upon initialisation (*NULL oops).
  • User can now double click the left mouse button anywhere in the video frame to toggle fullscreen mode.
  • Added video crossbar, crossbar will be connected (if present) depending upon instance id: cam1 cam2 cam3 cam4 etc. Can still only use one port a t atime.
  • Added single-click JPG snapshot mini camera button.
V7.03 26/DEC/05
  • Updated fixes to issues with then latest DirectShow upgrades introduced in 7.01. The new filter code was not connecting to some usb video capture cards, this has been fixed and code has been added so that different connection methods are cascaded through one by one until succesful.

V7.02 24/DEC/05
  • Changed the way email attachments are handled, and the way that data is deleted from the archive after sending, if deletion is required (i.e. permanent archiving is disabled).

V7.01 23/DEC/05
  • Made all the signal path be 24 bit from camera to output file with optimised filter routes. Only the displayed bitmap is now transformed. Now any screen pixel depth is useable with the application! This change has enabled the speed of CAM Wizard to be doubled and thus the CPU consumtpion to be halved.
  • The directshow code and buffering has been completely rewritten, this gives a speed improvement as well as improving stability on various camera systems.
  • A RAS connection is no longer a pre-requisite of the HTTP server, this makes operation through a router possible after configuring the router to forward any incoming HTTP requests on port 80
  • Added DISK MANAGEMENT function as an option (off by default) so that older files get deleted after they occupy over X GB (specified by user).
  • Made the F1 key give context sensitive help when in the tabbed setup screen.
  • Introduces XP Theme Style to the entire application for better OS integration.
V6.08 10/OCT/05
  • Added a local SMTP server as an option into the application, for easier and more reliable email setup
  • The new local server is enabled as the default option in the email setup screen.
V6.07 05/OCT/05
  • Fixed striping problem caused by certain video devices with slightly different sized input
  • Added popup balloon tooltips to all the icon buttons within CAM Wizard
V6.06 01/OCT/05
  • Changed some input streaming code to improve stability with some problematic cam drivers
  • Changed some compiler and linker options
V6.05 30/SEP/05
  • Moved enter unlock button into correct position
  • Added pushpin button to keep main window on top
  • Added MP3 and WAV playing capability instead of just a siren
  • Changed the way the alarm test button works
  • Added "popup from tray when motion is detected" function
V6.04 15/SEP/05
  • Fixedtray icon install errors.
  • Added affiliate tracking code.
V6.03 05/SEP/05
  • Added video device "Properties" setup screen with live video preview window for setting up.
  • Made the "Show on startup" tickbox in the about screen get saved correctly.
V6.02 22/AUG/05
  • Fixed FTP upload error on certain servers, old images are now deleted just prior to new image upload.
V6.01 30/AUG/05
  • Added audio input function. Can use any windows compatible microphone source for input.
  • Changed to 30 day shareware version with fewer nags and no reduction in functionality.
  • Added nifty scrolling about screen.
V5.02 22/AUG/05
  • Increased range of performance timer to prevent fast WMV playback errors.
V5.01 26/JUL/05
  • Changed media timer to a performance timer, this improves FPS stability on all systems.
  • Altered layout of JPG/WMV options in FTP setup screen, now more logical.
  • An error code is now given upon trying to open the same video device with different CAM Wizards.
V5.00 25/JUL/05
  • Altered cam engine such that it now operates correctly with all webcam models including cordless cams.
  • Changed motion detection area to be an arbitrary rubber band shape.
  • Added shortcut keys for remote control from third party application.
  • Made WMV encoded movies playback at proper 1:1 speed on all systems
  • Added FTP upload option to mantain a timestamped archive of all previous images.
  • Fixed FTP upload client, now using an existing subdirectory works OK.
  • Added many more video encoding profiles, VBR and CBR with audio.
  • Slight optimisations on motion detection algorithm for less CPU useage. 
V4.07 05/JUN/05
  • If unable to open default audio out device then try other devices.
  • Added cam number to window titlebar.
V4.06 26/MAY/05
  • Some users were reporting an error upon exiting, this has been fixed.
  • Also fixed some other small GUI issues.
V4.05 25/MAY/05
  • Increased the quality of the HiQ WMV capture.
  • Made the "detection is OFF" message show after a manual shoot.
V4.04 25/MAY/05
  • The GUI is now fully windows theme compliant
  • Even responds to changes made to the default shell icons.
V4.03 18/MAY/05
  • If your system has multiple identicaly named cameras then cam wizard will number them [1] [2] [3] etc...
V4.02 14/MAY/05
  • Changed the windows icon into a shiny green button.
  • HTTP enable now causes setup to 'OK' exit.
V4.01 12/APR/05
  • Added an HTTP server by popular demand! Added number IDs to tray icons.
  • Reduced FTP image deadtime. and more...
V3.04 03/APR/05
  • Added slight optimisations to the FTP engine.
V3.03 02/APR/05
  • Fixed mini bug whereby the tiny buttons on the right dissapeared when the application was maximised.
V3.02 02/APR/05
  • Added FTP webcam server. Added minimise to tray button.
V2.11 29/MAR/05
  • Now the four icon buttons can be hidden/shown whilst the application window is maximised.
V2.10 29/MAR/05
  • JPEGs were not getting archived reliably on all systems, this has been remedied.
V2.09 27/MAR/05
  • Fixed a bug whereby webcams with 352x288 resolution were causing image striping interference.
V2.07 23/MAR/05
  • Initial alpha release.


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